Piquadro Bags and Accessories

Piquadro is an Italian brand of professional leather goods and travel case.
Innovative design, functionality and vibrant colors characterize Piquadro products, created with and for the high technology.

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Bags, Backpacks and Briefcases

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The spirit of Piquadro products are in the design of each of them. New materials, new controls, new solutions for more and more comfortable and useful articles.

Travel Items

piquadro travel bags

They are the result of careful planning, with several patents filed by the Company in recognition of the numerous technical and functional innovations implemented.


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The search for the new in design and technology is the result of a constant work of study on materials and trends.


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The whole range of Piquadro products just for you.

Discover the new range of Piquadro products in Catania shop and take advantage of special offers.


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The Piquadro bags are characterized by practical models and trendy creations designed for work and to take us with style in everyday life.

Office bags, handbag, business bags minimal chic and many other classic and trendy collections.

The leading brand in the field of office bags constantly renews its range of models aiming to amaze you.

In our shop in Catania you will find all the new proposals by Piquadro and you can admire the rich line of bags and accessories from the new collection.

Come into the store to discover all Piquadro products.

We will offer you the best guide in choosing the better Piquadro product for your needs.

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